Sunday, June 3, 2018

Week 3

More coding 


Week three has been sort of challenging but lots of work has been done. More work has been done on the API of the module.

Work done.

I started work capitalizing on a Patient as the main Resource. Later, I will work on the rest of the Resources like Location, OBs etc.


This client will abstract us from all the logic of exporting and importing data. It simply uses a given configuration, collect the required data from the database, serialize it to a file and then encrypt the file and possibly return an Audit message. It accomplishes all this by delegating the concerned Services that are currently partly implemented.

Week 4 Expectations

  • I expect to get done with the MPDClient(Both export and import logic). 
  • Need to work on Exception handling of the entire API.
  • Need to work on logging in the entire API.
  • Need to work on the UI.
    Implement a module page on the RefApp.

Extra Credit for Week 4

  • The module should be able to export and import data.
  • I'm gonna do some release task since I'm the OpenMRS Release Manager for platform 2.
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Samuel Male

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