Sunday, May 13, 2018

Google Summer of Code with OpenMRS


I received an email on April 23, it sounded like, “You got selected for Google Summer of Code 2018”. This made me pretty excited, called my friends and jazzed them about it. To my side it was a great achievement because it was my first time to apply and write a project proposal. However, according to the contributions that I made before in OpenMRS, I felt it/I was worth.

About The Project

I made two project proposals, one for Merge Patient Data From Multiple Installation  and the other for Location Based Access Control and I got selected for Merge Patient Data From Multiple Installation . Its about creating an OpenMRS module that adds the functionality of merging Patient and related Metadata from like a childNode database to the ParentNode or Central Database to OpenMRS. To some of the OpenMRS implementations,  there is no guarantee for a stable Internet connection for the "sync module" to work efficiently. 

I thank the OpenMRS community for entrusting me with this project. 

Happy coding and best regards.

Samuel Male. 

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