Sunday, August 12, 2018

Merge Patient Data Project - GSoC FINAL REPORT

 Project : Merge Patient Data From Multiple Installations


There are individual installations where each installation is based at a facility (no guarantee of a consistent Internet connection), and is at the same version (OpenMRS, HTML forms, concepts and other metadata) - but there is a need to bring the patient records (or extracts) together to a central database. Site level users and metadata are not synced, neither are concepts and forms, as they are expected to be similar. The merged data (father instance) would be read-only, used reporting and analysis purposes.


  • Merge Patients      --> Achieved
  • Merge Encounters --> Achieved
  • Merge Obs             --> Achieved

Extra Credit

  • Encrypt Data During Transfer --> Achieved 


While working on this project, I developed a new Openmrs module.
If you wanna use this module, what you simply want is to build this project,  install your .OMOD on your running Openmrs instance and your set.

While working, I felt comfortable managing my progress using trello, I setup my dashboard before my second evaluation. I worked on the following cards.

Commits on the github project can be found here.


This is a quick documentation on how to deploy the module with a steps and guidelines in a convention of 'How To' approach available here.

Talk Discussions

A more detailed Presentation


Well, this was my first time participating in GSoC, and it has been fun working with Openmrs. I have been able to learn lots of stuff, both programing stuff and communication skills. 

With communication I learnt working with a community which is typically OpenSource, which is made up by an ecosystem of volunteers. 

As for programming, I learned of new Libraries like js-grid. On working with js-grid, I ended up learning of Hibernate Pagination. I don't think I can exhaust all new stuff I hit upon while in the Epic. Just know, I learnt lot in, JS, Java, Spring . etc..

I thank Openmrs for participating in such a resourceful a program. This has given lots of confidence and insight to students aspiring to become advanced devs. Me as a First year student pursuing a Bachelor's of Info Systems, I have been greatly motivated that however much I was/am a newbie to everything, I can do some work. I thank my mentors,  Musoke Steve and Daniel Kayiwa. These guys were like parents to me. Due to my lil understanding of most aspects, these guys have always shown me the right path towards how to implement stuff and for long I looked at them like impossible ideals.    

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