Monday, August 6, 2018

Week 12

Hi all,

This is the last week of the Epic. If you missed last week's update, then you wanna look at it here.

Work done

  • The week started off swiftly with a quick fix of last week's Hibernate issue. Wycliff's advice worked like a charm.
  • After fixing this, I thought I was set to go after-all the module worked fine with my small Patient dataset. I then resorted to cleaning the codebase, implementing  most of the TODOs.
  • As the week was almost ending, I realized something was not fine. I asked the community to help me out test the module on a more realistic hospital dataset, this is when I realized we had Memory issues.
    • I had to increase my JVM heap space.
    • I had to optimize my codebase.
      • Looked for memory leaks. While doing this, I realized I was Merging Concepts which Daniel claimed shouldn't me Merged since they are expected to be similar. However, I'm still blocked from here.   

Challenges Encountered

I didn't expect to have such a blocker by this time, probably the mistake I made was to test out the module on a serious dataset late. Regardless of whether I'm getting nervous and hairy, we should come up with a fix for this.

Before, I used to test out the module on a server with around 60 Patients, and all was cool. Now with a server containing around 2000+ Patients, I hit upon Memory issues. This could be no worry, probably it could have a configurable workaround but its not the case. On exporting data, a file of around 1GB is produced. This far way large!

Looking at the codebase, I tried to hunt down memory leaks and found that Concepts are consuming more memory space than expected. This is fully addressed here.


How can one identify General Concepts(eg- those already include in the Concept Dictionary) from Customized Concepts?


Samuel Male

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