Monday, July 9, 2018

Week 8

Hi all,

This is the 8th week since I started work on  Merge Patient Data project. I'm very excited to inform you dear reader that we currently have a working module in place, unless otherwise.

Work done this week

Generally, I capitalized from the front end.

  • Audition

  • I managed to put in place a page that lists down all audits that are available. Basically an audit is a brief accountability of what really happened in a given MPD Operation(Export/Import).

    I also put came up with a details page for a give audit.

  • Configuration

  • I also managed to do some work on the Configuration management. MPD Configurations are managed using JSON scripts. One configures on which Resources he/she requires in a given Operation.

    How to use the Module

    The module is User friendly though its recommended to use the default configurations. Just change the 'localinstanceId' field to the Id of your server for Identification.
    Currently the module codebase isn't included in the Openmrs repo, so you could clone it from here and build it to get the .omod file. 
    Install the module on your server and move to the Merge Patient Data dashboard and there you set to go. I'm pretty sure you wanna give it a try 😛

    Whats Pending

    Currently, I'm planning to add support for the Encounter and Observation Resources and then Adding Unit Test Cases for the Utility classes I haven't tested. 

    I extend my sincere gratitude to the entire Openmrs community. Thanks for the support to see that the module actually works. I also thank you my dear reader, thanks for the concern and the follow up.

    Samuel Male

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