Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Week 9

Hi all,

This is the 9th week since the game started. If you missed out about last week's update, you could want to check it out here .

Work Done this week

This was the week were I had my second evaluation. I was making ends meet to seeing myself pass the evaluation. And do you what, I passed the evaluation and thanks to my mentors 😊 

Currently, the module codebase ain't found in the Openmrs repo. Its still within my repo but Steven told me we will just transit it later to the Openmrs repo. So I couldn't use JIRA for PM. But just as a good practice, I came up with a Trello dashboard(MPD) to help me keep track of progress.

So currently I have been working on Mapping Concepts and 85% of the work is complete.
After that I will proceed to Mapping OBS. Note that these are all subtasks for Adding Support for Encounters as a Resource.

Challenges Encountered

I have faced a challenge of Mapping Concepts since they are soo wide and have a complex hierarchy.
I need your tech support in this. But what I believe is that my current implementation(pending) will be able to give the expected performance. What confuses me is "I wonder how to distinguish a Concept from the dictionary from a customized one! "

Otherwise, I expect significant progress due this week.


Samuel Male

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